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Do you like what you see on this website? If so, we'd love you to become our client. Because we will always be focused on you, we will provide you with whatever level of service you require – whether you're looking for 'execution only' access to fantastic products, a comprehensive wealth management strategy to cover your whole family and future generations, or a bespoke solution to a challenging problem. Just tell us what you're looking for, and we'll show you what we can do to help.

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For some of our services, such as our Investment Platform​, everything you need to get started is accessible online. For others, you'll need things such as application forms or personalised quotations, which you can obtain from us directly.​​

All about You

In many cases, you'll benefit from discussing your requirements with us personally. It's entirely up to you how you do that – we can communicate with you by email, telephone, skype, and of course in person if you're in the same region as one of our offices.

In all cases, we'll make sure you're fully aware of all features, benefits, terms, and conditions of whatever product or service you choose, to make sure you get the maximum benefit and never have any nasty surprises.

Where applicable, we will also guide you through any application process, and make sure you know how to do things such as claiming on an insurance policy, or withdrawing money from an investment account. Of course, we'll always be there to help you with that in future as well.

Once you're a client, you can choose how we continue to serve you. Whether you'd like frequent or just occasional contact, detailed reports and recommendations or just a brief overview, if you tell us what you want, when and how often you want it, and how you want it delivered, we'll do things the way you want them done. If you're not sure exactly what you want, we'll do our best to delight you, and you can always make any adjustments at any time you like.

Needless to say, we will never reveal any information about you to anybody else. All information we have about you - including products you have, services you use, even discussions we've had with you – will always remain fully confidential. We won't even tell anybody that you're our client unless you specifically allow us to.​

Getting started​

Whether you know exactly what you want, or haven't yet decided, the first step is to contact us. Even if you only want some more information or have some questions you'd like answering, we'd be delighted to assist you, and you're never under any obligation to take it any further than that. Of course, if you'd prefer to discuss something in person, just ask us for a meeting and we'll do our best to fit in with your schedule.

If you'd like to contact us by email, please use client.services@imperiumcapital.com

If you'd like to contact us by telephone, please call our client services department on +62 (0) 21 3505 994

If you'd like to visit us at one of our offices, please see our list of locations by clicking her​e​.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!​