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Bridge Financing Investment Opportunities​

We're delighted to be able to offer you a regular selection of short term, high-yield investment opportunities, in conjunction with our partner Jool Capital - a Swedish investment banking group specialising in providing secured bridge financing to Scandinavian corporations listed on the NASDAQ First North stock exchange.

Typically, the loans have a term of between 3-18 months, with an equivalent annual interest rate of between 10% - 20%, and are fully secured against fixed assets, with a Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio of around 25% - 60%.

Most loans are a short-term bridge which are repaid directly from the completion of a longer term financing arrangement, such as a NASDAQ-listed corporate bond.

Most loans are denominated in either US Dollars (USD), Swedish Krona (SEK), ​Norwegian Krone (NOK), or Euros (EUR).

Direct participation is normally limited to investments of around US$1million+, however clients of Imperium Capital International may invest as part of our 'Club D​eal', bringing the minimum investment down to around US$10,000.​

For more information, including recently launched and recently redeemed loans, and how you can build a highly profitable portfolio with minimal risk and good liquidity, please click here.

For more information on the Jool Capital group, please click here.

How to participate

On average, two bridging loans per month are available for investors to participate in, and each one will have different characteristics. Investment opportunities are often fully allocated within hours of release, so if you are interested in investing in bridge financing alongside Jool Capital, please contact us​ to conduct your due diligence and set up your account before you wish to invest, so that you are in a position to join an opportunity when it arises.

We are able to set up accounts either in person via one of our staff, or remotely via email / telephone / online.

To view the full suite of information published in conjunction with any of the past opportunities, please email us at client.services@imperiumcapital.com​ and we will be very happy to provide it to you.

For more details on the common exit strategy for the bridging finance, please click here​.​

For information on investing in NOK, please click here​.​