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Bank Safe.jpg​Capital P​rotected & Guaranteed Investments

If you are adverse to risk, you may want to build a portfolio of capital protected investment holdings. The first thing to remember is that any guarantee is only as strong as the company or entity making that guarantee, whether that's a bank, government, or corporation - and that sometimes things go wrong. So be sure to diversify, regardless of how strong any guarantor is - don'​t put all your eggs in one basket.

That aside, there are many opportunities for low-risk investors to generate above-inflation returns and keep the value of their wealth intact. Whilst the list below is not exhaustive, it's a good place to start.

Structured Investment Products

Whilst not all structured investments are capital guaranteed, some are - and if this is what you want, we can create it for you. Basically, they are a contract between an investor and an investment bank, which guarantees the safe return of your capital. For more information, click here.

Capital Guaranteed Regular Savings

If you want to save regularly and get the potential for high profits without the risk of losing money, you'll need a capital guaranteed regular savings product. For more information, please click here​.

Insurance Annuities

A simpler version of a structured investment product - basically just a contract with an insurance company where they pay you a fixed return over a set period of time. The insurance company guarantees the safe return of your capital (plus the interest). For more information, click here.

Government Bonds

A straightforward debt obligation guaranteed by the government in question, bonds are a staple of most investment portfolios. You can buy government bond securities directly via our securities partner SaxoBank (click here for more information) or buy mutual funds specialising in various government bonds via the Imperium Investment Platform (click here for more information).

Captive Insurance Companies

If you've got $5million+ to invest, it may be cost effective for you to set up your own captive insurance company. This basically means that your assets and liabilities are placed inside a newly-created insurance company, which is then reinsured with one of the large A-rated global reinsurers, such as Lloyds of London or SwissRe. If this is of interest to you, please contact us and we'll talk you through the process. Alternatively, if you have $1million+ to invest into a single investment, you could join in with other wealth investors into the same type of structure. For more information on recent and current opportunities for investing into an existing structure, please click here​.​ For more information on setting up your own structure, please click here.

Get started or find out more

If you would like to find out how protected your current investment portfolio is, or would like some information on how to build one, you will benefit from a Financial HealthCheck​ with one of our qualified advisors. To arrange this, or to simply ask some questions or have a brief discussion, please contact us.