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Capital Raising for Projects and Businesses

Through our extensive network of investors, family offices, and financial institutions, we are often able to structure and deliver new investment to bankable projects.

The scale of our input depends on your circumstances and requirements - and can range from basic advice, through full structural implementation of a capital raising plan, to complete management of the capital raising process via our investor network.

We're very selective about which projects we get involved with, and will only present investment opportunities to our clients if strict requirements are met regarding the structure, risk management, and operational expertise of the management team, but we're happy to discuss those with you.

Our preferrred capital raising route is via a Captive Insurance Company, due to the protection it provides investors - for more information on that, please click here.

For more information relating to your specific situation, you'll need to speak to one of our senior partners - to set up a meeting or a call, please contact us.