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European Union Permanent Resident Programme

Become a permanent, lifetime resident of the Eurpoean Union (EU), and get access to all the advantages and benefits available to EU citizens and other permanent residents.

Further down this page, you'll find the key information about this programme. For details in another language, please click the relevant link below:

English Language

Bahasa Indonesia - Indonesian Language

匈牙利永久居留计划​ - Chinese Language

Key Features & Benefits

1) The automatic right to live, work, and study in any EU country

2) The automatic right to receive government and social benefits from any EU country, including the welfare, education, and healthcare benefits which are automatically given to all EU citizens and permanent residents

3) No visa required to travel to any EU country and/or any country within the Schengen area - which includes all the Schengen area countries, as well as others including the United Kingdom - even if arriving directly from outside of Europe

4) Significantly reduced cost for higher education, including eligibility for the ERASMUS scholarship program (free university education across the EU)

5) Open bank accounts, set up companies, own property, apply for EU government tenders etc

6) Just one fee to cover the main applicant, as well as their spouse, and any children under the age of 18

7) Automatic right to become a full EU citizen (with an EU passport) after seven years - with no other conditions or residency requirements - and Hungary allows dual/multiple nationality

8) All these benefits apply to all family members, and are automatic and valid for their entire lifetimes


There are two component parts to the cost of the EU Permanent Resident Programme:

1) ​60,000 application fee - this is the total monetary cost, is non-refundable, and covers the whole process

2) ​300,000 investment into EU government immigration bonds - this is returned to you after 5 years without interest and is guaranteed and underwritten by the Government of Hungary


1) Be able to invest a total of ​360,000 in the programme (​300,000 returned after 5 years)

2) Pass a basic Hungarian security check which verifies that you are not banned from entering Hungary, are not subject to an "alert" status within the Schengen area, and are not considered a threat to Hungarian national security

The Procedure

The application procedure is simple and fast.

1) Contact us to discuss your potential application and make sure you understand everything and are happy

2) Complete the application form

3) Receive approval in principle within 3 days

4) Make full payment within 10 days

5) Complete the in-person formal application in Budapest, the capital city of Hungary at a time of your choice. Only the main applicant needs to travel (no need to be accompanied by family members), and you only need to be there for the meeting appointments on two consecutive working days.

6) Receive the Temporary Residence Card(s) within 30 days, by registerred international courier.

7) After 180 days, start the 3-month process for the lifetime Permanent Residence Card(s) and EU Healthcare Card(s)

8) In year 5, get back your ​300,000 which was deposited into EU government bonds

9) After 7 years, you may become a full EU citizen with a Hungarian passport, if you wish - with no residency requirements during those 7 years

10) LIFELONG: Enjoy your lifeliong residency permit for you and your family

Our Support

Our professional team of immigration lawyers, education specialists, and investment experts will guide you through every step of the process according to your personal situation and requirements. We will ensure that your experience will be simple, seamless, and clearly explained to you, in your native language. We will also assist you with any connected service you require, whether it's translation services, meet and greet, or even hotel reservations - we're here to help you.​

In addition, we can also offer comprehensive services to you after the process is complete, such as purchasing land/property, enrolling for education, or structuring your banking and finances correctly.

If you wish, we can arrange an appointment with a Hungarian government official inside a Hungarian embassy to confirm the legitimacy and processes of this program.

Next Steps

To find out more, or to apply, please contact us at client.services@imperiumcapital.com​ or speak to one of our staff or accredited agents. As always, any information you give us and any conversations you have with us are 100% confidential. We look forward to speaking with you about this exceptional opportunity!