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Financial HealthCheck

As with any other major aspect of life, it's important to regularly check, review, and refine your financial arrangements, to prevent future problems and improve the situation where possible.

Sometimes benefits can be found by simple rearrangements, sometimes there are new products or services which you could benefit from, and almost always there are small tweaks and improvements which can be made which make a big difference over the medium to long term.

We are proud to offer all of our clients - and potential clients - a free Financial HealthCheck with one of our qualified and experienced Wealth Managers, who can answer your questions, and offer friendly advice and suggestions to make your financial arrangements stronger, and ultimately make you wealthier.

Whilst the agenda can be set by you entirely, typical Financial HealthChecks cover the following topics:

Financial Analysis: Are there more efficient ways of organising your finances? Are there any ways to save money on your financial expenditure, or reduce fees and charges? Are you receiving all the benefits and bonuses you are entitled to? Are there legal ways to reduce your tax liability?

Financial Forecast: Are you on track to meet your long term financial goals? What is your current projected income in retirement?

Financial Management: Are your current investment choices in line with your objectives and risk profile? Could you be making a higher return, or reducing risk and volatility? Are you sufficiently diversified?

Financial StressTest: How prepared are you and your family for short and long term financial risks? Are there any obvious risks which could be eliminated?

Financial services is a very fast paced industry which changes quickly, and in most cases, if it has been more than 9 months since the last Financial HealthCheck, there are improvements which can be made - often due to things outside the control of any individual -  such as fund manager movements, changes to bank rates, actuarial amendments etc. Spending 45 minutes on a Financial HealthCheck is a very good idea!

Next Steps

If you would like to have a Financial HealthCheck with one of our qualified advisors, please contact us and let us know when, where, and how you would like us to talk with you.

There is no cost for the Financial HealthCheck - it's completely free, and there is no obligation to buy anything from us. Of course, if there is anything you need or want as a result of your Financial HealthCheck, we hope that our excellent service and advice will convince you to choose us to arrange it for you - but if you don't choose us, that's fine too! We look forward to talking with you soon.