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International Savings & Investments

With a full suite of international savings and investment options available through us, you will definitely find what you're looking for. In addition to helping you access any listed fund or security of your choice, we can also help you with everything from 100% capital guaranteed investments offering full protection, through to highly-leveraged private equity deals offering exceptionally high returns. And of course, you may choose whether you receive a fully managed service from our large team of investment professionals, or whether you simply want an exection only service to follow your orders.

Here's a selection of our most popular investment options - click each heading for more details:

Single Premium Investments

For a one-off lump sum

Regular Premium Investments​

To build your investment portfolio gradually, with a low minimum investment amount

Self Managed Investments

For when you want to be in full control

Professional Portfolio Management​

Lower risk, higher return

Capital Protected & Guaranteed Investments

For when wealth preservation is the most important thing


Prepare for your retirement, before it's too late

Private Equity & Debt Opportunities

Exclusive investments with very high returns

Property Investments

Direct real estate investment opportunities

Bank Deposits

Higher interest on your cash holdings

Multi-Currency Investments​

For international investors

Bespoke Investments​

For investors who are looking for something unique

Open-Architecture Investment Structures

Access to any listed investment or security, anywhere in the world

Hedge Funds

Invest alongside some of the most wealthy people on the planet