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Pyramids.jpgLegacy Planning

For many affluent families, a significent concern is wealth transfer - passing on the wealth accumulated in one generation onto the next. Families with a significant business may wish to transfer equal wealth without breaking the business into different shareholdings, others may simply want to remove future risks by guaranteeing a safe transfer of cash assets onto their children and grandchildren. Choices made today can have a dramatic effect on the amount of wealth available for future generations​

Creating a legacy starts with creating a plan - which usually involves life insurance. In particular, 'Universal Life' plans present you with the opportunity to accumulate cash value for wealth enhancement as well as to preserve your wealth for the generations to come. Here's an example which illustrates the distinct advantage of Universal Life plans:​​​


John Smith, aged 45, is a businessman who has total current assets of around $10million. He wants to make sure that his wife and children inherit his assets upon his passing. In order to leave adequate assets for each of them, Mr Smith uses life insurance to amplify his wealth.

Mr Smith used $1million of his cash assets to purchase a Universal Life policy with a sum assured of $5million, and assuming that his other assets don't change in value over time, he has just increased his assets from $10million to $14million at the time of his death.

The $5million from the life insurance will pay out within days of his passing, whether that is soon after the policy was taken out, or many decades away. It doesn't require any further funding or payments to it.

Besides enhancing your wealth, life insurance can add necessary diversification to your financial portfolio, as well as ensure immediate liquidity for your beneficiaries.

Other considerations

If you would like to have some input or control over how your legacy inheritance is spent in future, you may want to consider setting up a family Trust or Foundation - click here​ for more information.

If you are a partner in a business, you may wish to consider using Universal Life as an effective way of protecting a business and its partners/shareholders and their families in the event of the death of a senior partner or executive.

Bank financing is often available if you would like to defer payment of the premium.

Most of our partner underwriters are based in Singapore and Hong Kong, and you may need to travel to one of these jurisdictions to complete paperwork and medical exams if you live in another country. However, we can prepare everything for you in advance prior to travel, and our staff and partner staff will be there to assist you and make sure everything is simple and easy for you when you are ready to purchase the policy.

Get started today

Whether planning for family protection or business succession, Imperium Capital can help you create a legacy plan by incorporating a Universal Life policy from one of our partner underwriters - some of the largest global insurance companies.​

To discuss your requirements with one of our qualified advisors, or obtain a personalised quotation, please contact us by clicking here​.​