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Life & Critical Illness Insurance

Life Insurance, and by extension Critical Illness Insurance, are crucial requirements for protecting yourself and your family in the event of death, serious injury, or life-threatening illness.

In addition to selecting the right amount of cover, and term of coverage, it is also important to choose an insurance company you can rely on, and a price that saves you money.

We've sourced what we believe is the best available globally, which has the following key features:

* Issued by a large well-known international insurer, in a highly respected financial jurisdiction

* Competitive premiums

* High levels of cover

* Very high underwriting limits (up to $550,000 with no medical exam)

* Critical Illness covers 45 common major illnesses, including HIV/AIDS

* Early stage payout on claims

* Available in USD & HKD​

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Other products available

Whilst the insurance product detailed above is often our first recommendation, we are also able to offer life and critical illness insurance products from a wide range of international insurers. And due to our size, we are often able to negotiate discounts on behalf of our clients - so you could save money, simply by transferring your poilcy to our brokerage division. To find out more about doing this, or to see how much you could save, contact us by clicking here​.