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The World's Best Medical Insurance

As one of the most important financial products available, medical insurance is something that everybody should have. And we believe that if you can afford it, you should have the best available, for you and your family.

We've sourced the best medical insurance available - and can offer it to you, wherever you are. Here's why it's the best:

* Issued by a leading and well known international insurer, in a highly respected financial jurisdiction

* High levels of cover

* Guaranteed acceptance - no medical exam required

* Guaranteed renewal

* Covers pre-existing medical conditions, including HIV/AIDS

* Covers treatment at any hospital worldwide

* Direct billing available (cashless provider)

* Fixed pricing

* Apply up to age 80, and renew up to age 100

* Free $10,000 life insurance for all policy holders

This is not the only medical insurance to have some of these features, but it is the ONLY one to have them ALL in the same product.

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Other products available

Whilst the medical insurance product detailed above is always our first recommendation, we are also able to offer medical insurance products from a wide range of international insurers. And due to our size, we are often able to negotiate discounts on behalf of our clients - so you could save money, simply by transferring your poilcy to our brokerage division. To find out more about doing this, or to see how much you could save, contact us by clicking here​.