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Multi-currency.jpgMulti​-Currency Investments

For international investors, investing in multiple currencies is both a great tool for generating profit, and a great way of reducing risk exposure. For single-jurisdiction investors, it is still a useful tool for building a well-rounded portfolio. For many, it's simply the most practical way of saving - for example if you want to send your children to university in a foreign country, it makes sense to save regularly in that currency to prevent any nasty FX movements devaluing your savings.

We're proud to offer a very wide range of financial solutions in a wide range of currencies, whether you're looking for the ability to hold multiple currencies at once, want the ability to switch easily at a great rate, or process high-volume trades on the global currency markets.

To hold multiple currencies in one investment account, an Exclusive Investment Bond is often the best and most cost-effective way of doing it, which also includes access to the award-winning trading platform allowing you to trade pretty much everything from one place.

You may also like the customisable nature of Structured Investment Products​, which we can arrange in many currencies - or a basket of currencies.

Because the scope of different currencies is so broad, it's difficult to cover it all here - so you are encouraged to contact us so we can help you personally.

If you'd like to have a professional assessment of your currency requirements and the potential opportunities and risks you're exposed to, you will benefit from a Financial HealthCheck with one of our qualified and experienced Wealth Managers. We look forward to hearing from you!