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Zen blue stone.jpg​​Pension Fund Management

How your pension is managed will have the second-biggest impact on what you get in retirement (the biggest impact is how much you pay into it). We have a number of options which ensures that your pension is managed exactly as you want it to be.

Option 1: Fully Managed Service

Our fully managed service combines the expertise of over 200 dedicated analysts, in addition to research and reports from a global network of investment banks and finance professionals.

As different pension providers have different investment funds available for selection, we operate automatically rebalancing portfolios for eight of the most common pension providers, across four currencies (USD, GBP, EUR, & AUD) and four risk profiles (Cautious, Balanced, Grown, & High Growth) - a total of 96 different investment portfolios. These are most suitable for those continuing to pay into their penion scheme.

In addition, we also operate sixteen portfolios for pensions which are not receiving regular cointributions, across the same four currencies and same four risk profiles.

For our fully managed service, we charge an annual management fee of 1%. Our medium/long-term average return across all portfolios is 10.30% - a net return after fees of 9.30%.

If you'd like to personalise the fully managed service to include or exclude certain elements, or integrate/balance it with other investment exposures you may have, we will do this for you at no extra cost.

Option 2: Execution Only Service

If you know exactly what you want, we'll get it done for you. If your requirements are not too administratively heavy, we'll do it at no cost - and if you would like a high trading volume, we'll charge a small annual fee. Please contact us to discuss your personal requirements.

Option 3: Passivly Managed Service

If you'd like your pension to be managed in a professional but low-cost way, we can give you access to diversified portfolios which are very generalised and non-bespoke, but provide stready medium/long-term grown, typically around 7% - 9% per year. This is similar to the way most private pension schemes for big companies are managed, with the increased performance due to the tax-free nature of offshore/international investming (most onshore pension schemes deliver returns of around 5% - 7%). We do not charge a fee for this.

Next steps

If you'd like to start a pension, or would like to put your current pension under our management, please contact us by clicking here​.