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Portfolio Bonds.jpgExclusive Investment Bonds​

One of the most frequently selected investment holding structures, Exclusive Investment Bonds are products which enable you to hold a wide range of assets within them (such as company shares, mutual funds, and structured notes),​ and are issued by leading, well known global financial institutions.

There are a number of key benefits to holding your investments in this way, such as:

* Significant tax aviodance​ in most cases

* High confidentiality compared to direct investments

* Ease of investing - no new application forms for each investment once the account is open

* Access to any investment type, including stocks, securites, mutual funds, or structured financial products

* Open-ended and flexible

* Withdrawals to any bank account worldwide

* Low cost, and access to institutional pricing discounts

* Internationally portable

Whilst cash can be withdrawn at any time, it is important to note that this structure is designed to be used over the medium to long term, and in particular the tax benefits may only apply to profits which remain in the bond for a period of time. There also may be exit charges for withdrawals made in the early years.

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Most expatriate investors use a product of this type for their investment holdings, and there are many different international insurance companies who offer this type of product. If you currently have one, you may be able to benefit from our size and contacts in the financial industry to help reduce the charges you pay, and/or improve your investment performance by working with our experienced wealth managers.

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