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Private​ Placement Opportunities

​Imperium Capital is delighted to offer you a selection of first-class private equity and debt opportunities with the potential for very high returns over the medium-long term. All investment opportunities have been pre-selected and approved by a team of experienced investment professionals, comprising of representatives from Imperium Capital and external partner companies, and are offered on a non-advice basis to potential investors.

Disclaimer: Private Equity/Debt investments are not suitable for all investors. They are relatively high risk and often illiquid, meaning that investors may not be in control of when they can be cashed in or sold. It is our general recommendation that investors who wish to participate in private equity/debt offers should gradually build a diversified portfolio comprising of several different companies and projects, and only invest money which they do not need acess to, and could afford to lose without impacting their overall financial stability.

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Current Opportunities:

Bridge Financing in partnership with Jool Capital