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Professi​onal Portfolio Management

If you'd like us to take responsibility for managing your investment portfolio, you can be sure that it's being managed in a safe, sensible, and professional way - to maximise growth, and minimise risk - by the Imperium Capital Group & Partners.

Our investment approach

​The foundation of our investment philospohy is the "Core & Satellite" approach, widely regarded (and backed by extensive research and evidence) as the most effective way of generating client-specific Alpha across a diversified investment portfolio.

In practice, this means that we run a number of "Core" portolios, which form the base of the investment strategy, which are then complimented by a selection of "Satellite" investments, to tailor the overall portfolio to fit each client perfectly.

The core portfolios are structured according to currency and risk exposure, such as "USD Growth" or "EUR Balanced", and are diversified across the seven main asset classes: Cash, Investment-grade fixed income​ (Bonds), Alternative fixed income (emerging market debt & high yield bonds), Equities (shares), Alternatives (such as hedge funds), Commodities, and Property.

Our investment team

Day-to-day investment decisions, including strategic allocation (such as how much to invest in each asset class), and tactical allocation (such as which companies to invest in), are made by a large team comprising of hundreds of professional investment managers, backed by thousands of investment analysts, at Momentum ​Global Investment Management in London (UK), autherised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA, formerly known as the UK Financial Services Authority)​.

In addition, most portfolios contain allocations to funds from large investment houses, such as BlackRock and Fidelity, to benefit from their expertise and analytics. However, unlike investing directly into these funds, our team is able to add value through the knowledge of publicly available, but often not well-known, information. A good example of this is when a fund manager switches employer to manage a different fund (a fairly frequent occurance) - the factsheets will show the track record of the funds, not the fund manager. Higher quality information leads to higher quality decisions - and ultimately, higher quality investment performance.​

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If your investment portfolio isn't being managed this carefully, you'll definitely benefit from appointing us as your invesment advisors. If you'd like to to this, or discuss it with us, please contact us by clicking here.