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Reg​ular Premium Savings & Investments​

We've sourced the best regular premium investments available globally, to help you achieve your medium/long term financial goals.

Here are the best two, which give you the following key features:​

Option 1: Guaranteed returns (click here for more information):

* Capital guaranteed

* Minimum investment growth of 40% guaranteed

* 100% upside participation in S&P 500 index

* Ability to participate in stock market growth without the downside risk

* Accessible - make withdrawals to any bank account worldwide

* Denominated in USD

* 15 year term

* Tax-free investment growth

* Online access to track performance

Option 2: Non-guaranteed returns (click here for more information):

* Average net return of 9% per year, in USD

* 100% allocation from day one - no "buy-in" period

* Tax-free investment growth & withdrawals

* Highly flexible - you're free to increase/decrease/pause/restart your regular contributions

* Highly accessible - make withdrawals to any bank account worldwide

* Low minimum contractual contribution period of two years

* Government guarantee for 90% of the value which protects against collapse of a financial institution

* Available in a range of international currencies

* Start-up bonus

* Free luxury travel packages for clients who invest $100,000 or more at the start

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Other benefits of regular premium investments

A regular premium investment is a product which enables you to save regularly - typically on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. In addition to building up capital over time, you also benefit from what's known as "dollar cost averaging" - which means that you're buying the investment units at a different price each time, therefore paying an average price. This takes away the risk of investing at the "wrong" time - all you need is for asset prices to rise over time, and you're in profit.

The other main benefit is that you can access a fully diversified investment portfolio from the world's leading banks and investment companies, without investing a large amount in one installment. Typically, the best funds have minimum investment amounts of $10,000+ (per fund) - but with a regular premium investment, you can access a full range of them, all at the same time, from as little as $100 per month in total.

If you're currently not saving regularly, you probably should be. To start, contact us by clicking here.