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With full global access to all financial institutions, if an investment product exists, you can access it through Imperium Capital. Whilst there are literally millions of investment funds, our extensive research department has selected what we believe to be the best options for international investors to find the investments which suit you best.

​Here are the most typical types of investments selected by international investors and their wealth managers. For more information on each type, and how you can access them, please click on each heading:​

Mutual funds

Securities Trading

Structured Investment Products

Annuities and fixed income savings​

Bank deposits​

Important notes:

Diversification is vital to managing wealth, and in order to diversify properly, you'll need to choose the right holding structure. Because of this, one of the most important considerations for international investments is the holding structure you choose. Why? Because your decision will impact your tax treatment, the level of protection around your investment holdings, determine what international investments you have access to, and impact the speed and costs of trading investments.

In most instances, we recommend using Custodian Life, a licensed insurance company, and Julius Baer, a large Swiss private bank, as the investment holding structure for international investors, for the following reasons:

1) Segregated client accounts which protect all your investments against any financial crises

2) Tax-free investment growth, wherever you are in the world

3) Access to any investment type or security worldwide

4) High-speed online trading

5) Low cost - institutional rates

For more information on this structure and how you can benefit from it, please click here​.