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Special structures

If you've got specific requirements, non-standard plans, or simply a large amount of wealth, you may benefit from putting in place some special structures to support your finances.

Typically, these structures are used for optimising tax situations, wealth transfer across generations, enhanced confidentiality, or ease of managing finances internationally.

Below are a selection of special structures which we can help to set up for you, from the basic through to the more complicated.

International & Offshore bank accounts

If you need an international full service bank account for regular transactions, we can help.Click here for more information.

Captive Insurance

If you're looking to eliminate risk, raise capital, or efficiently structure your family business, you might benefit from owning your own insurance company. Click here​ for more information.


A Trust is a legal structure where assets are held by one party for the benefit of another. Well established in all of the world's major financial jurisdictions, a Trust can give significant advantages to its beneficiaries, such as privacy, tax-optimisation, wealth inheritance planning, and protection from creditors. To discuss whether you could benefit from establishing a Trust structure, contact us by clicking here.


A Foundation is a legal structure set up for the benefit of specific people, causes, or objectives. Foundations largely provide the same benefits as Trusts, but have subtle differences which could make a big difference. To discuss whether you could benefit from establishing a Foundation structure, contact us by clicking here.

Offshore International Business Companies (IBCs)

An IBC is a company, often established in a major offshore jurisdiction such as the British Virgin Islands or the Cayman Islands. Purposes, requirements and benefits can vary greatly across jurisdictions, but typically they offer very low taxation, high levels of privacy or even complete anonymity, enhanced asset protection, ease of doing international business, and low reporting requirements. Almost all large corporations use IBC's as an efficient way of managing their corporate finances. To discuss whether you could benefit from establishing an IBC, contact us by clicking here.​

Private Hedge Funds / Private Mutual Funds

Often a highly cost-effective way of managing large amounts of wealth, they also provide the best bragging rights - your own investment fund, listed on a stock exchange, with your own Bloomberg ticker symbol. Typically it becomes cost effective with assets of $5,000,000 or more. To discuss whether you could benefit from establishing a private investment fund, contact us by clicking here.​