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Start ​a Pension

Unless you're exceptionally wealthy, you're going to need a pension to replace your salary when you stop working, making pensions one of the most vital areas of financial planning.

There are three things which have an impact on how much your pension will be worth:

1) How much you pay into your pension

2) How long you pay into your pension

3) How well the pension investments are managed

We've got an excellent track record of executing the last one of those - but the first two are up to you.

Getting started
It's always best to start planning for your retirement as soon as possible, for two reasons. Firstly, your financial situation in your older years is more important than it is in your younger years, when you still have the opportunity and required health to work for income.

Secondly, because the investment returns will be compounded over time, the length of time you save for will have a much bigger impact than anything else - saving a small amount each month for your entire working life will result in a much higher income in retirement than you would get it you waited until half-way through your working life and saved more each month.

In summary, the earlier you start, the less you have to pay in to get the payout that you want.

There will always be reasons not to start your pension, because there will always be other demands on your income - when young, you may want to spend more on travel and lifestyle, and as you get older, perhaps pay for a wedding, buy a property, maybe raise children. All of these things are relatively expensive - and in the case of children, they actually get more expensive as they grow older.

Waiting until all of those things are paid for before starting your pension is a terrible mistake, and will mean you have to work longer, and receive much less money in retirement.

In most developed countries, it is a legal requirement for employers to provide their staff​ with a pension from the age of 21 - even though the standard retirement age is now 68. Whilst it's never too late to start saving (unless you're already retired), the sooner you start, the much better it will be.

Start your pension as soon as possible - you'll be glad you did.

How much to save?

That's really up to you, and will depend on your personal circumstances. However, we can help you start a pension which is flexible enough for you to change the amount you save, or even take a break from it for a while, if your circumstances change. To get a personal illustration of what your pension could be worth, and how much of a pension income it would give you, just contact us by clicking here.

Starting is easy

We can advise and inform you of all the options available to you, and help you pick a plan which suits your requirements, We'll help you through the application forms, take care of setting everything up, and be ready to make any changes at any time you like.

Next steps

If you would like to start a pension, contact us by clicking here​.